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Third Age Women: the Age of Fulfillment

The third age of a womans life is a rich journey of discovery. 

Signs of menopause are the first indicators of your final, major life transition into the third age; a transition that is no less significant than the one you experienced as a teenager.

Many of you will have physical symptoms - some quite dramatic. There will also be emotional upheavals and psychological upsets.  I know.  I've just survived it!  

This is not a medical site. The role of this website is to act more as an information centre and forum where you can share your questions with a community of women who have experienced what you are experiencing and who will support you through it.

It is also worth noting that while this transition is underway, you will question many other things in your life.  The 3rd Age is a time for new growth. It's a time to gather up all the love, laughter, loss and sorrow and use that harvest of wisdom and experience to realize our dearest dreams and passions.

Please join us on this wonderful journey and share your story.


Periods ending, hot flushes starting...but is it just the end of fertility or the start of something really special?

Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully is all about accepting where you are and making the most of it.  Only you can say if it is about letting yourself go or just letting go


Retirement is about much more than financial planning.  It's about planning a new life with new goals. 

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Contribute to our supportive community forums.  We can all learn from each other.

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