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Third Age Women: the Age of Fulfillment

The third age of a womans life is a rich journey of discovery. 

The 3rd Age is a time for new growth. It's a time to gather up all the love, laughter, loss and sorrow and use that harvest of wisdom and experience to realize our dearest dreams and passions.

The 3rd Age is an invitation to lose your inhibitions and fears, cut loose and joyfully create the time of your life.

Third Age Women
The third age of a womans life is her most fulfilling. It is when she has the opportunity to become the woman she was meant to be. This is the journey we are documenting and sharing.
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Women over 50 attain wise woman status. Sharing our experience and wisdom within this community will help everyone who reads these pages.
Setting Personal Goals
Setting personal goals at regular stages is the way we move forward and mark our progress. The third age is one of the key refocussing points in your life, so don't ignore it.
Adult Education, adult continuing education, third age
Adult Education is one of the great things about getting older. It means you can <b>indulge your interests</b>, rather than worry about outcomes.
Living Well
Part of living well is enjoying your life while not destroying the potential for the lives that follow. Here are some green principles on how you can live well and help the planet.
Making Space by clearing clutter
Making space in your physical world can help you make space in your emotional and intellectual world too.
Clearing Clutter and making space
Clearing clutter will clear your mind and space. After that, it's about storing by proximity for ease of use.
Personal Money Management and money management tips
By the time you are hitting your middle age, you need to have your personal money management under control. Not just your spending, but your saving as well.
How to become rich using good money management tips
How to become rich by using the timeless money management tips that have always been around, but nobody told you.
Retirement Financial Planning - 8 Top Money Tips
How much is enough to retire? We have the equation, but also 8 of the top tips for retirement financial planning.
Money and money management advice
Money makes the world go round...if you don't know where your's is going, it's time to get a handle on that before you are any older.
How to Write a Will
Preparing a last will and testament isn't that difficult, but unless you know how to write a will, your final wishes may not be carried out the way you want.
Retirement Advice - what will you do?
Retirement advice is offered from far and wide when you start considering your options but there is always a downside. We'll try to fix that here.
Affordable Housing Options
It's time to consider affordable housing options for your twilight years that are cheaper and provide company!
Giving Back
After reaching all your personal goals, it's time to give back. What form will your giving back take?
There are really only two things worth giving to others...your time or your money. Giving either or both is very rewarding. Philanthropy seriously changes lives.
Womens health problems and womens health topics
Womens health problems at this stage of life centre around half a dozen main issues. This is where you shake off the bad habits for longevity.
Menopause and Sex: battle low libido,enjoy menopause sex.
Physical changes during menopause can impact on maintaining intimacy. Menopause and sex can mix, it just needs adjustment.
How to stop overeating
You know the feeling, disgust with yourself, bloated because you have over eaten again. How to stop overeating? It's going to take a bit of retraining on your part but you can stop overeating.
Varicose Veins
Varicose veins are a common affliction. Up to 40% of women and 25% of men have them. I thought they were primarily a result of childbearing, but in fact they are hereditary.
Belly Fat in Women or menopause weight gain
An increase in belly fat in middle age is related to hormones, diet and that tipple we've become partial to each evening...
Heart Attack Signs in Women, women heart attack symptoms, heart disease women
The heart attack signs in women are often very different from those in men, but the message remains the same...get help quickly.
Depression and Menopause, middle aged women, third age
Statistically there is a link between depression and menopause, but depression is not considered a symptom of menopause. How will you know the difference?
Health Goals and common womens health issues
If you think it's all uphill from here to get better health outcomes, don't panic. Incorporate the 10% difference in your daily life and reach your health goals.
Marriage Endings
A growing trend has marriage endings after 20, 30 and even 40 years and it's being driven by women. Why?
Relationship Questions
When reviewing the important things in life, relationship questions inevitably arise. The quality of our relationships are an important link with how happy we are.
Dating Again? Senior single dating is popular as ever
Are you about to revisit the wild world of dating in search of a new partner? We have some very good tips if you're ready to get back in the saddle!
Finding Old Friends for free, search for friends
If you've found yourself wondering whatever happened to whats-her-face, it might be time to use the internet for finding old friends and reconnecting with long lost girlfriends.
Maintaining Intimacy
It's difficult maintaining intimacy in a long term relationship unless you have a good attitude and an active imagination.
Empty Nest Syndrome
Empty Nest Syndrome is a real and serious condition for parents who become depressed when their children leave home. We have some suggestions for Empty Nest Parents which may help.
Elderly Care
Providing elderly care for parents or elderly relatives while still taking care of the kids is a common story. Here are some tips to make it easier.
Make Up Tips for Mature Women
A series of makeup video tutorials for women over 50. What works for mature women.
Aging Gracefully for women over 50, anti aging secrets
Aging gracefully is really a matter of attitude and lifestyle. Here are the 7 keys to never growing old.
Healthy Skin Care for anti aging skincare
A common concern around women and aging is wrinkles and the link with skin care. Here are five tips that represent the minimum practice required for healthy skin.
Anti Aging Skincare for women over 50, quality beauty supplies
The search for effective anti aging skincare products ends here. Finally, a routine that will make your aging skin ZING!
Anti Aging Foods,anti aging systems, anti aging supplement
Anti aging foods can hold the years at bay and contain the damage free radicals can cause. The best part is they taste great!
Diet Myths & healthy diet tips
There are a lot of myths around dieting which can lead to false starts, ridiculous sacrifice and downright poor health outcomes. Here we dispense with six of the most persistant myths around dieting.
Fashion after 50
Can you still be fashionable at 50? Yes and it's your duty to the sisterhood to contribute what you can to the look. It can be difficult but there are some fundamental tips to fashion after 50.
Plus Size Clothing, womens plus size clothing
Women are moving into larger clothing sizes. This is not a debate on obesity or dieting, but a list of tips to have you look your best in womens plus size clothing, no matter what size you are.
Reflection, using total internal reflection
Reflection is vital before you can build a positive third age identity. You need to reflect on the life that you currently have and decide what to keep and what to turf.
Forgiveness, about anger and forgiveness
Finding forgiveness for those who have done you an injury or a wrong in the past is the only way to learn to move forward successfully.
Happiness, finding true happiness
Research has shown that we can raise our baseline happiness if we use our signature strengths every day. Test for yours and improve your happiness level forever.
Overcoming Anger with anger management tips
When reflecting on things that have hurt you in the past, it is vital that you have strategies for overcoming anger and leaving the past behind.
Improving Self esteem and overcoming low self esteem
If you suffer from low self esteem, and lack of confidence, it will stop you reaching your potential. Follow these six pointers and start improving self-esteem.
Thought Bubbles
Thought bubbles is a collection of thoughts and short essays on contemporary life and the world around us. Please feel free to contribute yours.
Aging is a state of mind, just not mine at the moment. Will it catch up to me if I live to 100?
The Cost of Commerce
Sometimes the best answer is just about price. The cost of commerce might just change everything about the way we live.
Empty Nest
What lies ahead for the parent with an empty nest? The children are leaving home and now you will have to reinvent your life
Dysfunctional Families
Blame it on Hollywood, but I used to think dysfunctional families were unusual. Wrong again. I actually think they set the benchmark for normal.
Build a Bug Out Bag
We live in uncertain times. It might help make you feel better if you have a bug out bag or disaster survival kit on hand to at least be as prepared as you can be.
Great Books Reviewed online for women
Great Books Reviewed online for women over 50. We read a LOT and finding new authors and sharing favourites is an important part of discovery.
Wise Women
Wise Women is the newsletter from Third Age Women.com. It will keep you up to date with changes on the site and provide food for thought.
Site Map
Site map for Third Age Women website
We are constantly bombarded with buy messages, but here is where we will promote only those products we have tried and loved.
Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy outlines any use we may make of information you supply to us. It's prudent to read this information on all sites you visit.
An Important Christmas Message
A Christmas message that, if used year round could boost both jobs and prosperity in your neighbourhood.
About Me
You might rightly ask, who the heck are you? Well here it is, all the lowdown on why I think I'm qualified to give you advice.

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