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Fashion after 50

Fashion after 50 can be a bit of a mine field as you negotiate between age appropriate and grandmumsy.

Can you still be fashionable at 50? Yes and it's your duty to the sisterhood to contribute what you can to the look. It can be difficult but there are some fundamental tips to fashion after 50:


Find someone whose style you admire and watch what they wear. Role models can really help if you're uncertain about the look you are going for.

Understand your body shape and what looks flattering on you. You might be concerned that you are thicker through the middle than you were, but most people are. Don't try to hide the shape you are...you will just end up looking like you're wearing a shapeless bag. Trinny and Susannah of 'What not to wear' fame outline their 12 body shapes and the clothes that work with them.

Try for natural fabrics, solid colours and classic styles. Spending a little extra, not necessarily a lot, can make the difference in line and drape.

Grooming is vital. Stylish hair, fresh skin, manicured hands and pedicured feet can take you from frumpy to fabulous.

The same goes for your accessories. Smaller bags, chunky jewelry and some lovely earrings can dress up or down just about anything.

Minimise the black in your wardrobe. You might wear one piece at a time, but the head to toe black look is overrated and will age you. Don't know what colors flatter you? Try the experiment covered here.

Always have some classics in the wardrobe. Why? That's how they become classics...they look great and you feel wonderful in them. Simple dresses, crisp white shirts, beautifully cut jackets.

When you step out from your house, you should feel confident and attractive. If you don't, you have some work to do. Don't put it off, because every women deserves to feel desirable.

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Fashion after 50
Can you still be fashionable at 50? Yes and it's your duty to the sisterhood to contribute what you can to the look. It can be difficult but there are some fundamental tips to fashion after 50.

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