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Third Age Women

The Third Age woman is on a fascinating journey and we will document it here. Follow this resource for women and keep up to date simply by pressing the orange button to the left and subscribing to our feed.

Mar 05, 2016

Retirement Financial Planning - 8 Top Money Tips

How much is enough to retire? We have the equation, but also 8 of the top tips for retirement financial planning.

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Feb 01, 2016

Natural Skincare

The solution to your dry aging skin could be in your kitchen rather than your bathroom! Natural skincare products you can make.

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Feb 01, 2016

Third Age Women: the Age of Fulfillment

The third age of a womans life is when she is freed to fulfill her own desires. It is a rich journey of discovery.

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Dec 14, 2015

Menopause Advice

Aside from drugs and herbs, here is some advice for addressing common menopause symptoms.

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Nov 30, 2015

Natural Remedies for Menopause

There are natural remedies to address the discomfort of some menopause symptoms. We discuss some of them here.

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Nov 24, 2015

Celebrating With a Second Novel

Hi all, The forum ladies were most kind when I outlined my recovery from a breakdown. Part of my recovery was to immerse myself in my fave hobby - writing.

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Nov 24, 2015

Your Third Act

Jane Fonda describes her vision of how the 3rd act of life (or third age) should be considered for women.

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Nov 22, 2015

About Me

You might rightly ask, who the heck are you? Well here it is, all the lowdown on why I think I'm qualified to give you advice.

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Nov 15, 2015

An Important Christmas Message

A Christmas message that, if used year round could boost both jobs and prosperity in your neighbourhood.

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Feb 09, 2014

Relationship Advice for New Partners

If you are beginning a new partnership, here is some relationship advice on how not to lose ME when you become WE.

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Feb 06, 2014

Adult Education, adult continuing education, third age

Adult Education is one of the great things about getting older. It means you can indulge your interests, rather than worry about outcomes.

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Feb 04, 2014

Brain Health

As we age brain health was thought to decline, but not so. Not only can you improve your intellectual health into old age, you can reprogram after illness.

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Feb 02, 2014

Make Up Tips for Mature Women

A series of makeup video tutorials for women over 50. What works for mature women.

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Nov 30, 2013

Site Map

Site map for Third Age Women website

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Nov 30, 2013

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common affliction. Up to 40% of women and 25% of men have them. I thought they were primarily a result of childbearing, but in fact they are hereditary.

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